25 May 2010

A few of my favourite photographs taken this month;
Ballon from my window - Bath,
First BBQ on Studland South - Home
Disco Ball at LCD Soundsystem Gig - Bristol

Screen Print

Finally.. after a long wait, the first years get to play in the screenprint studio! I spent all day yesterday & all of today in there!!
I began to develop one of my postcards. I first used silver ink but it didn't really show up. The above are printed on glossy images from a magazine.

11 May 2010


Our new project is to do with magic! I've had a go at a small stop motion animation using the magical wand. I think something like this could work well in a mini flip book.

05 May 2010

A Walk

I feel this blog is turning into more of a photoblog but I think I just have more photos to show whilst all other work is in progress! Above I've used a fisheye lense for the top shot, the others I quite like in terms of composition & colour...

03 May 2010


Above is my response to boring, however I feel it could also be perceived as dissappointment..

..a fineliner approach to 'pen'

02 May 2010


...in response to Regret. Apparently there's eight years of bad luck to go with breaking a mirror!


One of our on going projects is to design & produce 6 postcards which relate to the given words; disappointment, nothing, regret, why, pen & boring. Above shows my response for 'why'.