22 June 2011

Second Year Exhibition

Left, Left and Left Again - the directions from one gallery space to another

Friday June 17th - Monday 20th June

06 June 2011


Final presentation of publication

Final Publication

My six concertina folded books on tea - out of envelopes.

Printed on 100% recycled 250gsm stock.

03 June 2011

A friend who writes under the name 'Memotone' , has picked up on one of my previous Lomo photos. He is going to use it for his next EP, 'It's out there waiting'.

Memotone is an extremely talented individual who has written music for National Geographic & Mercedes & has airred on various BBC radio stations. Check out his music at http://soundcloud.com/memotone

Action Sampler..

So excited to snap a few four-frames with my second hand action sampler I bagged off ebay for a tenner!!


My publication for this final semester is all about tea (camellia sinensis)

I designed some a logo, which has been produced into little stickers.

Clear with green spotgloss, and silver with black ink...