29 June 2010

Summer Time

Ok, so its SUMMER!

Passed my first year at Uni.. 2:1 woop. Two marks of a 1st but still I'm pretty chuffed with the overall markage.

What have I been up too? Beach. Beach. Work. Beach. Oh & stripping wallpaper.

13 June 2010


Printing with a dice

11 June 2010


Never Kiss a Man in a Canoe; Wallpaper

Final Print of my wallpaper design for my book project.. two colour screen print

09 June 2010

One Day

These are my final photo's I took for the digital photography workshop

08 June 2010

Newspaper 2010 - 2020

I have finally completed the ten year plan project!
YAY. Took a while & I'm still not 100% happy with it, I managed to trim it too much & then to my horror realised none of the other prints were good enough to make another!
But here it is...

07 June 2010

Don't Play With Your Food!

Oh what fun you can have with Spaghetti letters. Even when you are twenty!
I changed the colour intensity below to give it a more kitch look

03 June 2010

Front Page

My final idea for the front page of our four page 'newspaper'...

It's going to be screenprinted but I'm not sure on the colour yet!

Illuminate Bath

The week before Easter holidays, most people went on a Graphics trip to New York. Unfortunatly I was pretty poor back then so instead took part in the Illuminate Bath Project. It was actually really good fun & my group were a laugh - Well done guys!

The video is our projection in action :)

01 June 2010

Book Project

A bit of my development work for my book project, the gun is originally a lino cut I did back in February but ive scanned it in & played around on photoshop.
Alot more to do!!