30 November 2010


I had aload of blanks cards left over from 'Copyfly' so decided to quickly put together some Christmas tags.
Now remember.. Be naughty & save santa a trip!


Using photoshop we convert a jpeg into a halftone image so it can be used on the silkscreen. This photo is made up of lots of small diamond shapes. For a soft, detailed looking halftone it should be converted to a diffusion dither image

Foil Press

We've been learning how to use the hot foil press, here's a cyan (C) layer test sheet with silver foil on one of my static images.

My first CMYK!

This is my first complete image on a CMYK screenprint. Pretty awful registration but then the photo wasn't that greater quality either. The key colour (black) was drawn into on the shoes & headband as well as the magenta for the ribbons & spotty shorts.

The Bath Chronicle

Freespirit Advert

27 November 2010

O Deer

A possible final print for one of my surrealist images. Will look into the colours more.. not sure on them

21 November 2010

Park Walk


A quick poster/flyer design for a promotion at work. Had 250 A6 Flyers printed

08 November 2010

Business Cards

I managed to quickly put together thirty individually-screen printed business cards for our Copyfly projection over the weekend..

05 November 2010

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

A few snapshots of the fireworks in down town Bath

03 November 2010

Hallo' ween

My pumpkin I carved attracted alot of attention from the little children of Bath.. we had to dish out chocolate digestives as we forgot to get some goodies!! Oo the joys of being a student!