25 October 2010

Studio Shoot

I printed out my first A3 studio portrait today

20 October 2010

Static Word Document

Static Image Project: An A3 redesign/touch up of the original A1 poster - QuarkExpress
Composed with help from the LATCH Theory; Location - Alphabet - Time - Category - Hierachy

12 October 2010


Our first Uni outting & the weather was wonderful & the woodland was so peaceful & tranquil.
We were set tasks throughout the day to engage with the natural surroundings & I finally stayed in a yurt!!

Scandinavia Show Olympia

Saturday 9th October I headed to London to ths Scandinavian Design show at Olympia. Such a lovely day, lots of food, drink (too many free vodka shots!) clothing & a beautiful array of design work from all areas. Unfortunatly, as much as I wanted too, I had to leave everything there! Very inspired to explore Scandinavia soon - one of my new found loves

06 October 2010

My first lomo film...

A few of my favourites from my first roll!

04 October 2010

Down the road..

There's a new Shake bar a few streets away, good stuff for a hard working student ay!